The Science Blogging Anthology

Juste un clin d’oeil à une initiative qui me fait chaud au coeur et qui devrait faire honte à quelqu’un de mes connaissances.

The Science Blogging Anthology – the Great Unveiling! [A Blog Around The Clock]: « 

The Open Laboratory - order hereYes! It is finally here! What you have all been waiting for, impatiently, for three weeks! The Science Blogging Anthology is now for sale. Go to by clicking here (or click on the picture of the book to your right) and place your order! You can choose to buy a PDF to download (but do you really want to print out 336 pages!?) or order the book with its pretty cover – it takes only a couple of days to arrive at your doorstep.

You can see here how it all got started, just three weeks ago, smack in the middle of the holidays when nobody was online and traffic was down to a third of the normal – and the whole thing just exploded! It was meant to coincide with the inaugural Science Blogging Conference. You can check out all 218 finalists here and the Final 50 here. Don’t forget to check the comments! And if you are interested in the process, there have been numerous updates along the way here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

First, I’d like to thank everyone who submitted nominations, either their own or for other people’s work.

Second, I’d like to thank the distinguished panel of twelve reviewers who helped me narrow down the field from 218 to 50 posts: Janet, Karmen, Jennifer, Jenna, John, Bill, MC, Carl, Leo, Heinrich, John and one anonymous reviewer, as well as Anton who tremendously helped on the technical side of this endeavor.

Next, I’d like to thank all those who have helped spread the word about this so far, by posting links on their blogs: Arunn, MC, MC again, MC again, Ema, Ed, Ed again, Ed again, Archy, Archy again, Afarensis, Afarensis again, Larry, Bee, John, Dan, Martin, Sya, Sir Oolius, Florine, John, Rob, Curious Cat, Nuthatch, Aydin, Clare, Radagast, Pedro, Pedro again, Jenna, Anton, Luca, Liz, et alli and bbgm (did I miss anyone?).

And I thank in advance everyone who buys the book, e-mails their friends about it, links to this post from their blogs, or places this post on one of the social networking sites (see the buttons at the bottom of the post).

What about next year?

This anthology was designed to coincide with the first Science Blogging Conference – and we made it in the nick of time – the conference is this Saturday. We are hoping to make the conference an annual event, so why not the anthology again, to be published in late January of next year, and the year after that…? I have already heard (and read on blogs) the sentiment that there should be one every year.

I have asked for volunteers to be the editor of the next edition, but nobody raised their hand, and a few people suggested (mostly in the comments on the ‘Final 50’ post) I should do it again. Frankly, I enjoyed the experience as frantic as it was and I’d like to do it again. And next year it will not be so frantic: instead of three weeks between the first idea and the book actually seeing print, I’ll have twelve months to slowly collect quality posts and get a ‘feel’ for the annual output of the science-blogging world.

So, please, at any time between January 1st and December 31st 2007, if you write a kick-ass post, let me know. I’ll bookmark it and jot a few notes to myself and take it into consideration for the next edition. If you see a great science-related post, especially written by a blogger who may be new and not yet the part of the inner circle of us science bloggers, please let me know. If your best post is in another language, have it translated into English and send me the permalink – let’s increase the diversity!

Also, send your best stuff to appropriate blog carnivals. I will dutifully monitor posts that appear on the following carnivals: Tangled Bank, Grand Rounds, Carnival of the Green, Skeptic’s Circle, Mendel’s Garden, Bio::Blogs, Encephalon, Animalcules, Circus of the Spineless, I And The Bird, Festival of the Trees, Oekologie, Four Stone Hearth, Panta Rei, Philosophia Naturalis, Change Of Shift, Pediatric Grand Rounds, Radiology Grand Rounds and any new ones that may appear this year.

I hope you enjoy the book and that you will continue to visit the many science bloggers who have been linked in the semi-finals and finals and many more found on their blogrolls.

Buy the book here!

Update: I’d also like to thank everyone who is helping to spread the word by linking to this post from their blogs, including (let me know if I missed you):
Stranger Fruit, Archy, Evolving Thoughts, Nonoscience, Accidental Blogger, The Loom, Intueri, Neurophilosophy, Aardvarchaeology, Bioephemera, Open…, Archaeoastronomy, Panda’s Thumb, Rhosgobel: Radagast’s Home, The Physics of Sex, Bark Bark Woof Woof, The Third Bit, The Real Paul Jones, Bootstrap Analysis, Open Reading Frame, Science And Politics, Stoat, Cognitive Daily, De Rerum Natura


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