Echangisme chrétien !

Liberated Christians Polyamory, Swing, Biblical, Sybian Cyber Center: « Doesn’t The Bible Teach That Sex
Belongs Only In Monogamous Marriage?
Take out your Bible and show us where! Traditional Christian teaching wants you to believe this. But if you search the scriptures and understand the original Hebrew/Greek texts, the history of biblical interpretation and the influence of non-Christian thought on Christian tradition, you will discover you have been sold a lie all these years. We will provide you the historical background and share from scripture what was really taught by God and Christ. We suggest that responsible non-monogamy, loving intimacy and
other-centered sexual pleasure sharing is much more in line with Christ’s teaching that love is the greatest commandment than the repressive traditional teachings which make rules based on false foundations. »

De quoi faire concurrence aux clubs échangistes traditionnels; je n’ai pas encore trouvé le chapitre « partouze dominicale », mais je n’ai pas tout lu non plus…


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