Chopstick Accident Leads to Stem Cell Breakthrough [Retrospectacle: A Neuroscience Blog]: « Remember that scene in ‘Karate Kid’ when Daniel-San walked in on Mr. Miyagi trying to catch a fly with a pair of chopsticks? »


A creationist engineer cracks a biology textbook! And doesn’t understand it! [Pharyngula]: « This one opens a molecular biology and genetics text, discovers that it doesn’t talk about ‘Darwinism’ (not surprising), and concludes that biology doesn’t need evolution. »

Once one have finished laughing, one may find that scary! I’m more and more afraid to leave my place, there are so many stupid people around o_O

Predictability of Evolution: « The theory of gravity can predict precisely where the planets will be a million years from now. What can the theory of evolution predict a million years into the future? »

The guy [] is really intellectually impaired. The question is, if Dembski can live with DaveScot publishing in his blog is Dembski as silly as DaveScot? The best answer coming in my mind is: probably yes!

Islam Outlaws Female Genital Mutilation: « en of the highest ranked scholars from all over the world met at the Azhar University under the patronage of the Grand Mufti of Egypt, Prof. Dr. Ali Goma’a. After listening to several international physicians, they pronounced the sensational decision to classify the custom of female genital mutilation (FGM) as punishable aggression and crime against humanity. As a result, the custom can no longer be practiced by Muslims. »

Why I Am Not Polite [Thus Spake Zuska]: « Occasionally one of my (usually male) readers will take me to task for what he considers to be my unwarranted angry – dare I say, strident? – tone of voice. Can I not be more polite? More reasonable? Would I not catch more flies with honey? Only speak sweet reason, dear crazy bitch Zuska, they plead, and we will assuredly attend to the substance of your message. But not while you rant and rave so. No indeed. That can only turn us off. »

The Scientist : Intelligent Design: The Clincher : « At first sight, nothing could seem less intelligent than the design of a flying insect. From an egg laid in or on a food supply, it hatches into a slow-moving eating machine that keeps outgrowing its skin, so that it has to molt every few days. At the moment of molting, it is extremely vulnerable to predators and parasites. Then, inexplicably, it stops moving and grows a hard shell, inside which it completely redesigns its body from square one, to emerge into a thing with wings that launches itself into hundreds of cubic miles of atmosphere in search of a mate, and a food plant, with nothing to guide it but a few stray molecules – pheromones and plant odors – blowing in the wind »


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