Ancient calculator was 1,000 yrs ahead of its time – Yahoo! News: « The Antikythera Mechanism is the earliest known device to
contain an intricate set of gear wheels. It was retrieved from
a shipwreck off the Greek island of Antikythera in 1901 but
until now what it was used for has been a mystery. »

How mirrors can light up the world | | Guardian Unlimited Business: « In the desert, just across the Mediterranean sea, is a vast source of energy that holds the promise of a carbon-free, nuclear-free electrical future for the whole of Europe, if not the world. »

Dynamics of Cats : Predicting Meme Speed: « So what is the asymptotic speed of a free small meme in the wild web? »

The Chopra Effect [The Scientific Indian]: « Read Chopra’s post with a critical and rational eye. I can predict with certainty that you will imagine yourself to be pulling your hair out, ripping and throwing your right hand at the monitor, banging your head on the table repeatedly and swearing like no one has ever done. »

I do have someone else to present able to compete with Chopra, , but this is essentially in french. And he is talking about the «  » rather than effect 🙂

Uncertain Principles: You Got General Relativity on My Protein Folding!: « Of course, the next question is how long it will take before some calculational technique from string theory gets applied to these calculations, and we’re treated to lots of preprints with titles like ‘AdS/CFT and %u03B2-amyloid’? Because, you know, that would just make my day… »

Welcome to the First Online EMBL PhD Symposium: « Life Sciences – Shaping the future!
The goal of the First Online EMBL PhD Symposium is to provide a meeting place for the larger audience of people involved in life sciences to discuss the state-of-the-art and perspectives of development. The future of scientific communication itself will also be discussed. In addition to scientific topics, we invite you to our career development forum that will help to shape a better future for scientists by sharing your experiences.
Rather than using a conventional meeting format with formal presentations and rather limited options for interaction between the invited speakers and the participants, we want to introduce an open internet-based platform for everyone interested to ensure that all opinions are heard. We invite prominent scientists to share their vision on development of life sciences in selected fields in a form of web-based presentations and invite everyone else to further discuss it and present their own views in a similar fashion. « 

Evolving Thoughts: « A somewhat funny event occurred when an iconoclastic blogger, founder of Crikey.Com, was presenting an award, and was physically attacked by an obviously drunk political editor from one of Murdoch’s papers. He clearly didn’t like the fact that the blogger, Stephen Mayne, constantly criticised the mainstream media for its bias, especially in matters political. His parting comment to the assailant, Glen Milne (who I have never really liked), was funny too: ‘Settle down, folks; it’s just another drunk journalist’. »

###: « The Carnival of Satire (#57) »

PLoS Biology – An Unexpected Sequence of Events: Mismatch Detection in the Human Hippocampus: « Our results demonstrate that hippocampal activation was maximal when prior predictions concerning which object would appear next in a sequence were violated by sensory reality. In so doing, we establish the biological reality of associative match-mismatch computations within the human hippocampus, a process widely held to play a cardinal role in novelty detection. Our results also suggest that the hippocampus may generate predictions about how future events will unfold, and critically detect when these expectancies are violated, even when task demands do not require it. »

###: « I went looking into the Brights. Neat group. I see no problem with the name, but I%u2019m pretty intellectually arrogant. The only thing I might see could be bad is that it discourages the stupid people from becoming Brights. There are more stupid people than intelligent people, so that%u2019s bad for us. And Brights are also a very, very passive group, which isn%u2019t always a good thing. »

ScienceDaily: Two Rapidly Evolving Genes Offer Geneticists Clues To Why Hybrids Are Sterile Or Do Not Survive: « The finding supports the Dobzhansky-Muller model, a theory from the 1930s that suggests hybrid incompatibilities (such as death or sterility) are caused by genes that have evolved from a common ancestor but diverged in each of the species. More specifically, in the common ancestor, these genes may have worked perfectly well together. But, as each gene evolved in its own species, it began to code for proteins that no longer work in the other species. »

ScienceDaily: World’s Oldest Ritual Discovered — Worshipped The Python 70,000 Years Ago: « ‘The shaman, who is still a very important person in San culture, could have kept himself hidden in that secret chamber. He would have had a good view of the inside of the cave while remaining hidden himself. When he spoke from his hiding place, it could have seemed as if the voice came from the snake itself. The shaman would have been able to control everything. It was perfect.’ The shaman could also have ‘disappeared’ from the chamber by crawling out onto the hillside through a small shaft. »


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