No God Zone: Beware the debate tactics of the fundamentalist: « I so clearly remember the one fundamentalist minister literally using his 10 minute opening statement to make several dozen claims. Each claim, while false, only took a few seconds to make. To rebut those claims adequately would take at least a few minutes each. By making a few dozen such claims he guaranteed that his opponent, according to the rules of the debate, could not possibly respond to all these points. In fact it would be hard for him to even remember all the points. Some were made so fast that the opponent wouldn%u2019t have had time to take notes even. »

Make them write down what they assert, make it public, reply on your blog to each point. Let them comment on that, they are extremely ingenious when it come to ridicules themselves

###: « How do you get this »

Belles illustrations là et sujet encore plus intéressant

the hughtain mark two: « 

De quoi donner envie d’ouvrir une secte plutôt que d’essayer de faire de la Science. Un point pour les gens de marketing, comme , mais que vient faire dans la même galère d’Espagnat ?

###: « Instead of showing single variations in human DNA that make people unique, the map looks at differences in duplications and deletions of large DNA segments known as copy number variants (CNVs) which can help explain why some people are susceptible to illnesses such as AIDS and others are not. ‘We’re a patchwork of DNA sequences, gains and losses,’ said Dr Charles Lee, of the Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts, speaking at a news conference. »

J’aime mon côté patchwork ! Je pourrais faire dessus de lit pour jeune fille solitaire (photo exigée)

###: « BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Six car bombs killed 146 people in a Shi’ite stronghold on Thursday in the bloodiest attack in Baghdad since the U.S. invasion and the authorities imposed an indefinite curfew on a city fearful of a sectarian civil war. »

Ils s’améliorent ! Dites moi encore une fois, les musulmans pacifistes ? Probablement certains, mais ils ont l’air de découvrir les croisades façon croissanades à mon avis.


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