The problem with Intelligent Design | Jerusalem Post: « But there are also significant theological problems here. If God’s existence is being demonstrated in phenomena for which there is argued to be no scientific explanation, then what about all those phenomena for which there is a scientific explanation? »

Swamp-dwelling green atheists talk back at Pandagon: « If I was going to wish for something so badly that I just had to believe in it, I wouldn%u2019t settle on a vindictive patriarchal god. I%u2019d believe in wish-granting fairies. »

Retrospectacle: A Neuroscience Blog: « Sure, nature’s heartless. But the thought of all these poor whales clustering around a tiny air hole in the ice, bumpin’ their big white bodies into each other, trying to get their little blowhole into the air is just plain sad. »

Aetiology: The war on women’s health continues: « The Republican War on Science strikes again. And as PZ noted, it’s even worse than the Washington Post article makes it appear, as Keroack has made statements to abstinence groups suggesting that too much sex prevents bonding in relationships. Just who we need to influence policy regarding sex and contraceptives… »

Dispatches from the Culture Wars: Framing the Evolution Debate: Science vs Religion: « Atheists are among the most reviled groups in this country, for reasons that have never been clear to me. There is not a shred of evidence that atheists behave any worse than the religious, yet the public is firmly convinced that to not believe in God is to be a horribly immoral person. Surveys show that atheists are the most distrusted minority group in America. »

Quand des jeunes femmes magnifiques (n=6) vous contactent, vous pouvez vous sentir à l’aise et content d’être sur leurs listes de contacts.
Si tous les sujets abordés portent sur des problèmes techniques qu’elle rencontrent et qu’elles espèrent que vous êtes aptes à résoudre, vous avez un moment de fierté. Mais si ça se limite à ça …
La situation peut s’aggraver, si deux de vos ex appellent pour demander conseil au sujet de leurs problèmes sentimentaux actuels, partant du principe que vous les connaissez mieux que quiconque et que vous avez la sensibilité nécessaire pour envisager ce genre de situation avec sagesse.
Eh bien, vous commencez à vous demander si vous n’êtes pas un peu trop vieux maintenant.

Neanderthal Genome Sequencing Yields Surprising Results And Opens A New Door To Future Studies: « The veil of mystery surrounding our extinct hominid cousins, the Neanderthals, has been at least partially lifted to reveal surprising results. »

(Via ScienceDaily Headlines.)

Not so hard to swallow [Stranger Fruit]: « Birdwatchers rushed excitedly to see a swallow that hasn’t been seen in Britain for 20 years – then got a nasty surprise when eaten by a hawk in front of their eyes. »

Wild life’s surprises 🙂

Parfois, le libre arbitre s’arrête nettement l’instant même où l’on rencontre un mur à 50 km/h. Le problème dans ces cas est qu’il est difficile de réclamer justice 🙂

Edible Food Wrap Kills Deadly E. Coli Bacteria: « Composed of apple puree and oregano oil, which is a natural antibacterial agent, the coating shows promise in laboratory studies of becoming long-lasting alternative to conventional produce washes, according to a team of scientists from the US Department
of Agriculture (USDA) and the University of Lleida in Spain. »


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