:: Metro Pulse Online ::: « Creationists are like Zeno%u2019s runner, never able to finish his race, but they are not trapped by mathematics. It is their own obstinance and refusal to distinguish between history and science that keeps them perpetually on the run from evolution and yet, paradoxically, going nowhere. »

Le test commence ici et a donné :

Humanism, Humanists, Secular Humanism, Secular Humanists, What Secular Humanists Believe, About Secular Humanism — Beliefnet.com: « What Secular Humanists Believe »

Belief in Deity
Not considered important. Most Humanists are atheists or agnostics.

Same as above.

Origin of Universe and Life
The scientific method is most respected as the means for revealing the mysteries of the origins of the universe and life.

After Death
An afterlife or spiritual existence after death is not recognized.

Why Evil?
No concept of “evil.” Reasons for wrongdoing are explored through scientific methods, e.g. through study of sociology, psychology, criminology.

No concept of afterlife or spiritual liberation or salvation. Realizing ones personal potential and working for the betterment of humanity through ethical consciousness and social works are considered paramount, but from a naturalistic rather than supernatural standpoint.

Undeserved Suffering
No spiritual reasons but rather a matter of human vulnerability to misfortune, illness, and victimization.

Contemporary Issues
The American Humanist Association endorses elective abortion. Other contemporary views include working for equality for homosexuals, gender equality, a secular approach to divorce and remarriage, working to end poverty, promoting peace and nonviolence, and environmental protection.

Think Tank Will Promote Thinking – washingtonpost.com: « Concerned that the voice of science and secularism is growing ever fainter in the White House, on Capitol Hill and in culture, a group of prominent scientists and advocates of strict church-state separation yesterday announced formation of a Washington think tank designed to promote ‘rationalism’ as the basis of public policy. »

ScienceDaily: Brain, Behavior May Have Changed As Social Insect Colonies Evolved: « ‘It seems pretty clear that primitively social colonies were the ancestral condition and that highly social colonies developed and evolved from them, said O’Donnell. He added that what is intriguing is that the pattern of brain development found in Polybia, a highly social group of wasps, is the same as in honey bees, another highly social insect. »

ScienceDaily: Global Warming Increases Species Extinctions Worldwide: « ‘Some species that are adapted to a wide array of environments–globally common, or what we call weedy or urban species–will be most likely to persist,’ said Parmesan. ‘Rare species that live in fragile or extreme habitats are already being affected, and we expect that to continue.' »


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