Edge: BEYOND REDUCTIONISM: REINVENTING THE SACRED By Stuart A. Kauffman: « Granting that selection is operating
all the time, how do we build a theory that combines self-organization
of complex systems %u2014 that is, this order for free %u2014 and
natural selection? There’s no body of theory in science that does
this. »

###: « L’histoire commence le 15 septembre dernier. Carl Persing et Dawn Sewell un couple de quadragénaires, semblent trouver le temps long à bord de leu vol entre Los Angeles et Raleigh, en Caroline du Nord. »
Aujourd’hui, les deux amoureux ont carrément été accusés d’avoir violé le Patriot Act, la loi anti-terroriste et leur «activité sexuelle excessive» les expose à 20 ans de prison.

Allez lire ça !

Wired News: Startups Start Over: « Riya realized there was more money in online shopping than in giving users a new way to search their photo collections. So, Riya re-purposed its image-recognition engine and began developing a product-search service that scours the net to find visual matches of red carpet bling like Paris Hilton’s watch and Maria Sharapova’s handbag. »

Presuppositions And Evidence: Answers In Genesis explain the difference: « No one has added any extra blue sand while you weren’t looking. »

Now, who knows what blue sand Paul used?

Aberrant Dreams – Speculative Fiction: « Greg Bear is a science fiction and fantasy author who has published more than thirty books professionally. To date, he has won two Hugo Awards and five Nebula Awards for his fiction and is one of two authors to win a Nebula in every category. He has the singular honor of being married to Astrid Anderson Bear, whose father was the renowned science fiction author Poul Anderson. His most recent novel, Quantico, is a near-future examination of law enforcement, politics, and terror both domestic and religious. With each successive book that he completes, he continually earns his place among the greats, both contemporary and golden age, of the speculative fiction community. »

Senate to Take Up Biological Threats – washingtonpost.com: « The Senate is moving to take up legislation as soon as this week revamping a struggling multibillion-dollar effort to counter bioterrorism threats with a national stockpile of new vaccines and other drugs. »

Good news for bio-business

When premature babies should be allowed to die – sex – 15 November 2006 – New Scientist: « Struggling babies born after just 22 weeks%u2019 gestation should be allowed to die, but everything should be done to support babies born after 24 weeks, an independent ethics panel announced today.
For babies born between 23 and 24 weeks, doctors, parents and nursing staff should come to a mutual decision about whether or not to resuscitate, the researchers say »

Nothing lost in translation | The Guardian | Guardian Unlimited: « Al-Jazeera English programme editor, Tim Cunningham, explains how the latest 24-hour news channel will be different for all the right reasons.

ScienceDaily: Nanoparticles Used To Target Brain Cancer: « Researchers incorporated a drug called Photofrin along with iron oxide into nanoparticles that would target cancerous brain tumors. Photofrin is a type of photodynamic therapy, in which the drug is drawn through the blood stream to tumor cells; a special type of laser light activates the drug to attack the tumor. Iron oxide is a contrast agent used to enhance magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI. »

ScienceDaily: First Far Eastern Leopard — World’s Most Endangered Big Cat — Captured In Southeast Russia:  » extremely Far Eastern leopard »

(Via .)the question remains: is ther eany ultra far eastern leopard or is it accounting as a fish 🙂

SSRN-European Pharmaceutical Price Regulation, Firm Profitability, and R&D Spending by Joseph Golec, John Vernon:  » In 1986, EU pharmaceutical R&D exceeded U.S. R&D by about 24 percent, but by 2004, EU R&D trailed U.S. R&D by about 15 percent. During these 19 years, U.S. R&D spending grew at a real annual compound rate of 8.8 percent, while EU R&D spending grew at a real 5.4 percent rate. Results show that EU consumers enjoyed much lower pharmaceutical price inflation, however, at a cost of 46 fewer new medicines introduced by EU firms and 1680 fewer EU research jobs. »

Ce n’était pas une idée sans fondements donc, il y a du vrai, l’UE coule doucement…

L’homme est une marchandise…! – Blog politique du MJS 54: « L’homme est une marchandise…! »

Enfin, pas comme les autres…

ScienceDaily: Milky Way Shaped Life On Earth: « Frenzied star-making in the Milky Way Galaxy starting about 2400 million years ago had extraordinary effects on life on Earth. Harvests of bacteria in the sea soared and crashed in a succession of booms and busts, with an instability not seen before or since. According to new results published by Dr. Henrik Svensmark of the Danish National Space Center in the journal Astronomische Nachrichten, the variability in the productivity of life is closely linked to the cosmic rays, the atomic bullets that rain down on the Earth from exploded stars. They were most intense during a baby boom of stars, many of which blew up. »

Quand je disais que dans l’astrologie il y avait du vrai 😛

ScienceDaily: Newly Discovered Proteins Associated With Cystic Fibrosis: « These findings could become a way to prevent cystic fibrosis related lung damage, most of which occurs because of the constant infections these people suffer, Bingle said. The body’s immune reaction to the infection also damages the lungs, ‘so knowing how these immune reactions happen could help doctors prevent them or harness them to fight the infection before it becomes established,’ she said »

ScienceDaily: Daylight Savings: Building With Natural Light: « ‘Light is not only an amount of energy,’ said Andersen, who recently gave a Building Technology Lecture Series talk. ‘It also provides us with the means to reveal spaces and volumes and interact with our environment.' »

culture_de_mort : Le blog d’Yves Daoudal: « « le droit d’avorter pour une femme en invoquant le droit à disposer de son corps parce que celui qui est conçu n’est pas un appendice de la mère mais une réalité autonome et donc inviolable ». Il a ajouté : « On ne peut pas reconnaître au pouvoir constitué une quelconque compétence pour libéraliser ou dépénaliser ce qui, par nature est un crime. » »

Et moi qui pense que le père biologique de l’enfant devrait avoir son mot à dire quant à l’IVG, autant que la mère, le zygote lui appartenant autant qu’à elle.

Le Quotidien Permanent du Nouvel Observateur- La pub Girbaud n’est pas une injure pour l’Eglise, selon la Cour de cassation
: « La justice avait été saisie par la Conférence des évêques de France (CEF), représentée par l’Association Croyances et Libertés, qui avait soutenu que la publicité faisait « gravement injure aux sentiments religieux et à la foi des catholiques ». « 

La question qu’on se pose est pourquoi on devrait respecter les sentiments religieux et les croyances des catholiques, entre autres, au point d’avoir à discuter ce genre de pubs. Ca n’a pas de sens dans un état qui se voudrait laïc. Ca n’a pas de sens tout court d’ailleurs.

ScienceDaily: Gene Machine: Cells Engineered To Prevent Sepsis Win Synthetic Biology Competition: « Members of Team Slovenia erupt in jubilation upon learning they won the BioBrick, the grand prize for the iGEM 2006 competition. The University of Ljubljana students are, from left, Rok Tkavc, Jernej Kovac, Matej Skocaj and Jelka Pohar. Offering congratulations in front are iGEM Ambassadors James Brown of Cambridge University and Melissa Li of Georgia Tech. »

Woman fatally bitten by snake in church – U.S. Life – MSNBC.com: « Woman fatally bitten by snake in church »

Candidate pour les Darwin Awards


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