Bruce’s Rave and Rant: Should atheists help secularism-friendly churches?: « If you’ve been reading enough online material on the culture wars between religious right and secular society, you can tell that a lot of people on both sides (and those caught in the middle) are sick of being stereotyped. »

The creationists’ secret weapon: « Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis has a secret. Soon evolution will be defeated! (Send money.) AiG is about to unveil a new weapon that will win the war for God and creationism! (Send money.) The ramparts of the secular universities will be overthrown. (Send money.) »

How does flu spread? [Effect Measure]: « In this week’s Science magazine Stephen Morse calls attention to what we have been saying here for a long time. We don’t really know how influenza spreds from person to person »

Pharyngula: Not that the godly can’t share our opinion of those two things, of course: « Julia Sweeney has audio samples from her new CD online and gosh, she seems to have the same opinions of Intelligent Design and Deepak Chopra that I do! It must be something correlated with godlessness like brains. »


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